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27 Nov 2013


Hi everyone!

We're having a solo show opening Wednesday December 4th at Wellington St Projects gallery.

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Studio 8, 19-25 Wellington street, Chippendale.

16 Apr 2013


We recently made an album teaser music video for Josh Pyke's THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF EVERYTHING out 5th JULY!

The animation set up used multiple Layers of glass stacked between piles of National Geographics, lots of lamps, a stills camera, paper, tweezers, glue and a whole lot of patience.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

We painstakingly printed and hand cut hundreds of frames of Josh performing the song.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Each layer of glass held varying paper parts, while each element was moved to create the eerie textural vibes and shadows.

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05 Mar 2013


It's our favourite time of year again, yep that's right it's Art Month! hooray!

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Art Month Sydney is all about promoting the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary art in our city with a ridiculously smooshed to the brim calendar of excellent events and activities.

They're all about encouraging engagement with contemporary art and fostering mass cheese consumption.

We give it multiple thumbs up for being infinitely interesting.

For Art Month this year Greedy Hen have been curated into a couple of shows. The first is a unique pop up exhibition called Collector's Space This exhibition reveals highlights from six significant and diverse private art collections and opens tonight!

Also included in the Collector's Space show are works by David Noonan, Shaun Gladwell, Hany Armanious, Ken Whisson, Brook Andrew, James Angus, Destiny Deacon, and TV Moore. Gah! it's a damn fine bunch!

125A Kent St, Sydney. 7 March - 23 March

and then on the 15th of March we're pretty pumped to be included in the launch exhibition of new Artist Run Initiative, Wellington St Projects.

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The group show is called Rumble and opens March 15th.

Opening 6-8pm Friday 15th March

Exhibition Continues 15th - 17th March

Gallery Hours Fri 6-8pm Sat 12-6pm Sun 12-6pm


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16 Dec 2012

Morning Meeting Hallucination

Hey now! Here's some pretty excellent news!

Greedy Hen were recently commissioned by Artbank to create an animation for their collection.

Artbank, if you were wondering, is the largest buyer of contemporary Australian art in the country.

And what makes them so damn interesting is that they promote Australian culture by making the collection available for rent. And then in a two thumbs up move, they reinvest their clams straight back into it.

So basically their collection blows our brains with artworks by Australian artists who we dig and admire immensely. We really are very humbled and stoked to be included in it.

Below is our 55 second animation.

It's called 'Morning Meeting Hallucination'

Syrupy, textural and surreal in flavour, the work evokes a momentary lapse of concentration.

You may have noticed a sudden increase in botanical imagery in our work all of a sudden.

Well our studio is currently under attack by vines and they're creeping into our brains.

Image Alt Text

To make the animation we took photos of Kate's hands wiggling, then printed and cut every single frame. They looked like hundreds and hundreds of spirit fingers. Image Alt Text

We then took photos from above, collaging paper cut outs onto layers of glass.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Morning Meeting Hallucination can be seen at our exhibition Go Forth, at Gallery 2010 until Sunday 16th Dec (details below) or on the Artbank vimeo channel.

07 Dec 2012


Image Alt Text

Go Forth is about exploration. It's steering towards the unknown but knowing once you are there.

The works in this show are based on an eery momentary lapse in everyday life.

It is a celebration of moving forward into the unfamiliar without hesitation.

Go Forth opens December 13th at Gallery 2010

We're really excited about it!

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