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16 Aug 2008


Greedy Hen painted a skateboard deck which is now on show at The New Zealand Centre Of Contemporary Art, as part of the Board Art 2008 exhibition. The Art show will be touring New Zealand, dates are still being confirmed, but the New Dowse Gallery will apparently be housing it in February 2009. other top notch awesome Artists in the show include We Buy Your Kids and NZ wonder kid Dylan Taylor.

also! something else fairly air punch worthy- this year Greedy Hen have been nominated for a Desktop Design Magazine 'Create Awards' yessss!

Image Alt Text

to illustrate what winning looks like, here's a decorative shrub, small white ghost, or an array of shiny drinking goblet trophies.

15 Aug 2008

overhead projector puppetry music video

Greedy Hen just finished creating a spectacular Art music video for everyone's favourite super talent Josh Pyke.

It's a total sight for sore eyes!

Image Alt Text

you can race these guys to see it first here:

Artwork and Concept by Greedy Hen.

Co-Directed by Greedy Hen and Leigh Richards.

And if curiosity is eating up your innards, you can also have a look at the "making of the film clip" on MTV

We have mighty overhead projector skills, that's for sure!

10 Aug 2008

dirt bike racing!

Greedy Hen is working on a new Art music video for singer songwriter Josh Pyke. We're super excited about it, it's all light and shadow puppetry work from an overhead projector. It's scheduled for release in a few days, but in the mean time here are a few behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

as well as making the Artwork, Greedy Hen also Co-Directed the music video. that's our "super serious, directing whilst clutching giant over-sized novelty cups, and standing on ladders" look.

in other Greedy Hen news, This week Kate competed in a powerful dirt-bike race at Carriage Works. Yesssss! the dirt-bike track was set up as an Art piece by Artists Marley Dawson and Christopher Hanrahan. Dawson and Hanrahan transposed an operable dirt-bike track into the gallery environment. Mixing situational estrangement with daring machine poetics. (ie- FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!)

Kate raced the other Artists with mighty speed and fury, and quickly became a crowd favourite due to her slapstick crashes and inability to decipher the difference between the accelerator and the breaks. everyone loves a speeding crash into the barriers, and that's what Greedy Hen provided for the people.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

12 Jul 2008

pinball wizard

everyone loves singer song writer Darren Hanlon, he's quite a likable character, this fact is pretty much universally agreed upon. a gold miner of lyrical treasure and a pinball champion! what more do you need in life really?

next time when you're smiling along at one of his gigs, you can pick up a Darren Hanlon souvenir tea spoon. yes a teaspoon!

we illustrated him playing banjo and demonstrating his leaping skills. brilliant!

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

25 Apr 2008

dribbling onto ourselves

Ahoy Biscuits! we were guest speakers at First Draft Gallery last night for their series of Artist and Curator talks, along with our new favourite graffiti/illustration/film mash-up Artist William Pritchett.

if you were there and wanted to relive the incoherent waffle, or if you happened to miss the story-time antics, the whole thing was recorded especially for FBI Radio 94.5fm for their sunday morning Arts show 10am-12pm.

our open mike audience bonding was kind of like this:

Image Alt Text

(the below image is a close up of our hairy palms)

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