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25 Apr 2008

now you can wipe up your spills on our Artwork

Third Drawer Down® (those clever kids who reproduce Artwork by contemporary Artists as Limited Edition screen prints onto domestic items, promoting an ongoing dialogue between Art & everyday life)

have put out a series of limited edition tea towels printed with one of Katherine's Artworks

Image Alt Text

other Artists we're quite fond of featured in their collection include the amazing DAVID SHRIGLEY!!! MIRANDA JULY ED TEMPLETON CHICKS ON SPEED & CARSON ELLIS

you can by them in quite a few choice stores around town or online here:

22 Apr 2008

fools gold

Greedy Hen has some art work showing at 'First Draft Gallery' wednesday night

we're really really excited! we're quite sure that this is pretty much how you'll feel on the inside if you come:

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

opens Wednesday 23 April, 6-8pm exhibition continues to 10 May 2008

First Draft Gallery 116-118 Chalmers St Surry Hills, NSW 2010

...we've also been invited to appear as guest speakers at the gallery further down the track. we're pretty slapstick rambling, side tracked, story time antics when it comes to public speaking, but we'll be sure to let you know when its happening.

10 Apr 2008

powerful magic maker

when kate isn't getting up to her usual Greedy Hen antics she makes endurance Performance Art yesssss! Image Alt Text her show opens tonight at Chalk Horse Gallery and will be up until April 26th.

21 Feb 2008

beaten black & blue

We have some Artwork in a show called "You Can Count To Ten" at Sydney's 'Black & Blue Gallery' the show opens tonight 6pm-9pm, and will be up until 9 March.

Curated by Greg Perano and containing the works of over 100 artists in 23 well travelled sketchbooks.

Drawings by Greedy Hen will be shown alongside works by Billy Zane and Pixie Geldof.

ha ha! Pixie Geldof! it's sure to be a whole lot of fun! Image Alt Text

28 Dec 2007


We were asked by our favourite music blog ROSE QUARTZ to write a list of the most awesome bits and pieces of 2007 we can ramble for miles and miles, so luckily they only wanted ten rad things: Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

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