Greedy Hen


06 Oct 2007

don't fight it

Greedy Hen just finished working on a music video for top notch awesome band The Panics. Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text

we made a giant mural, cut it into 80 pieces, and then put it all together around the band. Artwork by Greedy Hen Directed by Danielle Zorbas

05 Oct 2007

that’s not my face

Bullies have bruised our feeble arms a little more than usual this month, so we've decided to finally succumb to their request and make some T-SHIRTS. Image Alt Text we're going to do a few different images in extremely limited edition print runs. Image Alt Text we'll let you know how it goes.

04 Oct 2007

igloo heaven

it's too hot! seriously considering ramming our heads into the freezer. behind all the icecube trays and frozen peas, it looks pretty much exactly like this: Image Alt Text

Greedy Hen has an Artwork for sale in a Yen Magazine charity art auction, to raise moola for the 'Wayside Chapel For The Homeless' 1st november at The Gaelic. come along!

27 Sep 2007

Chewing Ears and Poking Eyeballs

Greedy Hen will be chatting away to Johanna Roberts on FBI Radio 8pm this thursday 27th. we'll be playing Sydney music and inarticulately waffling about the world of Hen.

you can listen in here 94.5FM or apparently, according to those who are technologically gifted, you can stream from your computer here

we'll probably mention a few bits about making a large scale mural for a music video, professional wrestling, the glory of modified power tool racing, and the Art of Greedy Hen. .....or we might get shy and just play a whole pile of records.

oh and here's a look at some of the stuff we're obsessed with this week. let your brains explode to these pieces of gold! yesss!

Maya Hayuk!! Image Alt Text

Yokoland totally ruling 24/7 Image Alt Text

retardo typography Image Alt Text

retardo tattoos Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text

25 Sep 2007


On sunday Chalk Horse Gallery set up a race track for the raw power of MODIFIED POWER TOOL RACING!!! this was the Greedy Hen entry Image Alt Text Named 'Saw CAt' (pictured on the right with the tail and skate wheels even had a face! yessss)

Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text

It was such a powerful day. We didn't win but hey it was slow and steady all the way and what more could we have dreamed of...yes!

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