Greedy Hen


29 Aug 2007

over there is Steak Mountain

Through out August Brooklyn's screen printing whizz kid, man of meat, and all round art genius STEAK MOUNTAIN is guest authoring U.K art/design blog 'It's Nice That' and he's listed Greedy Hen as one of his favourite creative contemporaries. It's so sweet our teeth have pretty much rotted out. The man's a mountain! Image Alt Text

22 Aug 2007


One half of Greedy Hen, Kate Mitchell, has been head hunted to go to Tokyo Japan and fight in a televised wrestling championship called "Smack Girls" And yes we are serious Image Alt Text

She is already the NSW State Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She has two weeks to train before flying there, she's training for the greater good and representing the nation's struggles. Image Alt Text

Artists that battle! yeah!

At the moment she fights wearing:

-leggings covered with the names of famous classical composers written in death metal fonts

-a t-shirt with "k mix-tape" across the front in rainbow puff-pen letters

-a black mouthgaurd with golden fang detailing.

but we're hoping to put together a wrestling uniform appropriate for this international elite fighting league. Image Alt Text

10 Aug 2007

is that a bullet proof vest or a shoulder pad?

Katherine has illustrated a fashion spread in this months Frankie Magazine, which will be out in a few weeks.

this mountain goat cant wait Image Alt Text

and this timid blue cloud is also thrilled Image Alt Text

the illustrations will be working along side photographs by Julia Schauenburg. her work is amazing, she seriously knocks us flat.

28 Jul 2007

flaming kittens and origami eyebrows

This months 'Mess & Noise' Magazine is covered in Greedy Hen. There's also some of our rambling slightly inarticulate words on the inside pages.

If you're inclined to draw all over our photo, we recommend this style of facial hair Image Alt Text

25 Jun 2007

super villain

obviously this will never ever ever EVER get tired.

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