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24 May 2011

Brigadier Brickman

If you dig smiley enthusiasm you might want to witness the fun and calamity of Greedy Hen's Katherine (Brigadier Brickman)

DJ-ing alongside Count Doyle, at the album launch of the epically talented Belles Will Ring

Saturday 16th July At everyone's favourite good vibes small club Goodgod

Image Alt Text

Playing alongside Belles Will Ring are Richard Cartwright of Richard In Your Mind, Kill City Creeps and young guns The Fearless Vampire Killers.

So be sure to get there early 'cause the latter, radio sweetheart Johanna Roberts describes as "four boys out of Melbourne

with a sharp ear for all the best of the first decade or so of the devil’s music"

If all that hasn't got you quietly smiling and nodding, here's a little taster of some of the magic you can expect from the DJ booth..

28 Apr 2011

Greedy Hen : Debut Album

We made an album cover for Greedy Hen's debut album

and wrote a track list for our back cover.

Then we made artwork relating to each song on the track list.

Also in the works is a music video for our hit single (with no sound)

and some limited edition vinyl records (with no grooves).

We're having an album launch at Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbourne, May 5th.

and then we're touring it to other galleries in Sydney and NY.

Image Alt Text

Greedy Hen : Debut Album

Lamington Drive Gallery

OPENING 6-9pm Thurs May 5th

Exhibition runs May 6th - May 28th

15-25 Keele St, Collingwood, Melbourne.

Greedy Hen : Debut Album

will launch in Sydney in the coming months!!

17 Mar 2011

you spin me right round

This week we made some artwork for the centre stickers on a couple of different vinyl record releases. (the stickers that say which side is side A and side B)

the patterns all looked so wild together, we thought we'd show you some of our favourites.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text

11 Mar 2011

We've moved studios

If you belong to the select few that still use the postal service,

take note - we've moved Head Quarters!

We're no longer underneath Sydney's BJB music recording studio.

Our new location is in the China Heights Gallery building in Surry Hills.

Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text Image Alt Text

We're sharing a room with jewelry designer / epic talent Elke Kramer,

Graphic designer / DJ (who also sports a dashingly good hair-do) Mikie Inglis,

and modern day Gatsby / Paper Engineer Benja Harney

so basically it's one hell of a good gang!

the above snaps are by Nat McComas

23 Feb 2011


Ok gang,

Here's some terribly triumphant news... Greedy Hen are very humbled and quite frankly sincerely stoked to announce that

we WON a 'Sydney Music Arts & Culture Award'

for our music film clip for the Cloud Control song 'There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight'


Image Alt Text

Here we are being winners and pointing a whole lot.

Evidently public speaking is not our strongest skill. but big cheesy grins, well they come naturally.

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