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13 Jan 2011

vintage cameras get stylin'

Greedy Hen are proud to be part of the 'Diana World Tour', a traveling exhibition of pimped-out vintage cameras exhibiting through Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Tokyo, London - among other exotically farflung locales - the world tour will be hitting Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland in February and March.

Here's a little peek at the Greedy Hen camera, complete with figure ice skaters exploding out from the lens in a kaleidoscope of limbs and pirouettes . Image Alt Text

The customised Dianas, each individually crafted by Artists and creatives, will be auctioned off to raise money for the charity See Through Me (

for more details visit

Image Alt Text

From top row left to bottom row right - Studio Bomba, Greedy Hen, Frankie Magazine, Carly Fischer, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Dawn Tan.

03 Sep 2010


Hey you guys, BIG NEWS!!

Greedy Hen will be doing LIVE gig visuals for Cloud Control at The Metro in Sydney, Friday 15th of October.

And when we say "live" we really mean it in every sense of the word. We'll be doing giant projections, using shadow puppetry, inks, acetates, and light boxes.

To get you in the mood here's the music film clip we made for their beautiful song 'There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight'

Katherine got totally dumped by the waves when shooting the underwater footage for this clip, but man it looks pretty.

02 Sep 2010

Plaster Cast Art

A couple of months back, a very talented Triple J radio presenter (and all round nice guy) Sam Simmons broke his wrist. Possible theories as to how his wrist was actually broken have included: birthing a calf, aggressive games of extreme Connect Four, and jumping a gate instead of walking through it.

After meeting Sam, we have concluded that all of these speculations are completely plausible.

In order to cheer him up some, Greedy Hen was invited into the radio station to decorate his plaster cast with a little bit of free style artwork. Sam let us have free reign over the cast, so after dappling with thoughts of Magic Marker Pens and old-school pencil case graffiti like this

Image Alt Text

And remember this? Image Alt Text

We decided it would be more interesting to see if it was possible to Decoupage a plaster cast.

Yep that’s right, DECOUPAGE! It’s that old-fashioned nanna technique known as the art of decorating an object, any object, by gluing paper cutouts onto a surface and then lacquering the hell out of it.
All you need is a pair of scissors, some great images, lacquer and something to layer it all on. The result is usually fairly hideous, the general vibe being similar to this…

Image Alt Text

But we had plans. Big plans. We decided to take Decoupaging to a new level.
We went on the Triple J Breakfast show armed with two books from the 70’s, one on kittens and the other on puppies.

Image Alt Text

We cut out about 50 kittens and puppies heads, while Sam did his thing on radio. We didn’t really contribute much to his actual show, except for a few manic giggles (cackles) in the background.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

We then glued one side of his arm cast with kitten heads and the other side with puppy heads, so they looked like they were in some sort of face off.

Image Alt Text

This kitten was a particular favourite due to it’s uncanny resemblance to David Bowie.

Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text

We then varnished the cast twice and left it to dry.

Image Alt Text

Our decoupage experiment was a total triumph!

Image Alt Text

Sam was happy. We were happy. The kittens and puppies were disturbingly happy. An epic win all round!

03 May 2010


There's a couple of zines floating around the streets of your town at the moment. Little gems of low-fi glory. A couple of which include artwork by Greedy Hen.

'Pleasures Of The Damned' published by The Great Anything, and featuring the work of Paul Tooth, Steak Mountain, WBYKs, Numskull, and Beastman. It came out a little while ago, but we were late to the party and didn't get a copy until quite recently. We're really vibing on the Paul Tooth 'Ruthless' page, it really is some kind of genius. Image Alt Text

and then there's 'The Fax Of Life' put together by Jimmy and James at The Groop. The zine coincides with the Faxhibition art show at China Heights Gallery, and can be purchased from the gallery or from Published Art bookstore near Sydney Central Station. All profits from the zine will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières Image Alt Text

30 Apr 2010

The Fax Of Life

Who uses a fax machine? 1995 does, that's who. ...oh and right now we do too! yep hilarious.

Image Alt Text

Greedy Hen are in a group show at China Heights Gallery, called Faxhibition. The show is curated by The Groop, which is a collective of creative peeps brought together by Modular. The show features work by a whole bunch of super contenders including Sarah Lanarch, Soda Jerk, Alter, and We Buy Your Kids.

All artwork is sent to the gallery via FAX MACHINE, yep believe it.

Opens Fri Apr 30, 6.30pm Runs until Sun May 2, 12pm-5pm

China Heights Gallery, L3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills

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