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08 Feb 2010


ok so it finally happened....


Sorry it took so long. There's a nice mixed bag of Greedy Hen fun-times to look through, so please enjoy.

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12 Oct 2009

taming lions

At Greedy Hen we've just finished directing and making artwork for a new music film clip for our favourite girl-wonder extraordinaire,


for her kicking song 'How To Tame Lions'

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You can have a gander at our spoils here...

A big special thank you to Christopher Morris, our DOP wizard, number one nice guy.

08 Oct 2009

we're on PITCHFORK

oh my god! today we found out Greedy Hen's film clip for The Middle East 'Blood' is on PITCHFORK!!!!

obviously we're very very excited! ....because we're nerds who eat that kind of stuff up with a spoon. In fact we've been jiving around the studio like this all morning:

13 Sep 2009

hen in turkey

When Kate from Greedy Hen isn't making Greedy Hen works of wonder with Katherine, she's busy being an endurance performance conceptual artist. This week she has been flown to Istanbul for an art show she's exhibiting in. if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you should pop along and check it out.

18 September - 17 October 2009 Manzara Perspectives Tatarbey, Istanbul (Turkey) it's a group show called 'Gunes Gozlugu Gece' featuring the works of artists Kate Mitchell, David Sherry, N.N. & Büyük Szpilman

Image Alt Text

Kate's also a SZPILMAN AWARD nominee!

turkish delight.

03 Sep 2009

a Greedy Hen stop motion film clip for THE MIDDLE EAST 'BLOOD'

We've been busy down the Greedy Hen gold mine, cutting out paper trees and water colouring skies, for an epic stop motion film clip for one of our most favourite bands The Middle East.

The song is called 'Blood', and we get goose bumps from it's mighty whistling solos. The EP is out now through Spunk! you can have a gander at the film clip here

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